Tuesday, November 06, 2007


I know the usual turn of events would involve me as a parent feeling proud for my children and their accomplishments as they grow. So, is it unusual for my cup of pride to be running over for my Dad, who was recognized by St. Joseph High School for his service and dedication to Catholic education for several decades!
If, like me, you missed out on the festivities, you can see an awesome slide show of the night here. Please note my brother introducing my dad and my stunning sister-in-law, who is just positively glowing with the look of an expectant mom. Oh yeah, and there are some other cool people in there, too. (They know who they are.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the slideshow! Your mom and dad looked adorable in their black-tie garb! Bummer that you, Marso and the little arks couldn't have been there to bust up the joint! Just tell me when Peata became a man? And who looks that amazing pregnant? I know that I never looked anything like Mrs. Peata when I was pregnant! I noticed the other cool people at the party,ie. "Miz"!

patjrsmom said...

Hi CC,

We were bummed about missing the "Second" retirement party, too. That's one of the bad things about in-laws who live so far apart.

As for my stunningly pregnant sister-in-law, I don't even look that good now-let alone 5 months pregnant!