Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ready, Set...Don't Go

You're humming the tune to this song if:
  • A. You (like me) have pre-teen girls in your house or--
  • B. You just never got over Billy Ray Cyrus and now, you don't have to.
In my house, A trumps B hands down, but the song is in my head today more than usual.

Yesterday, we opened a new chapter here on the Ark. My oldest, more commonly known as "The Boy", turned thirteen yesterday. (Don't worry, son, you won't see any photos of the day on the blog. I'm learning to respect the privacy that you suddenly seem to require more of these days.) It was a melancholy day, which contained, quite honestly, little time with the birthday celebrant. He was here after school and basketball practice for a few hours (to eat) before leaving for a scrimmage that wouldn't return him home until nearly 9:30 last night. I've seen it coming for a while now, but have chosen to try to ignore the signs--you know, things like:
  • the not-so-subtle hints that perhaps his younger sisters would like to be my new grocery shopping helpers.
  • the suggestion that we plan a "friends" birthday party falling on deaf ears.
  • the need to walk just a little closer to the "guys" on the basketball team than to the family on the way out of the gym.
  • the enormity of the embarrassment that comes simply from Mom or Dad's presence.
My husband laughs and lovingly tries to cheer me up with talk of "bench strength", but it's not the same. And it won't be-ever again.

Thirteen years ago, when experienced mothers looked at brand new mom-me and my firstborn son, not a one of them left without saying, "They grow up so fast. Enjoy every moment of it." And I, the know-it-all new mom would nod seriously, looking at my innocent, helpless, eight pound boy and think to myself, "Yeah, right!"

Well, if thirteen years of parenting has taught me anything, it's that I don't know very much. They do grow up that fast. And I hope that if I've learned anything along the way it was to remember to enjoy every last bit right then and there--before I find myself closing chapters on books I've not yet finished.


Faith said...

Happy Birthday "Boy!" And many, many happy returns. I think handing over the grocery shopping assistance to the younger sisters was pretty slick. Good for you. ;-)

Life in Fitzville said...

Congratulations on entering teenager parenthood! Its a whole new ride!

Becky said...

Whaaa! I'm not ready for my sweet kissy faced boys to reach this faze! The first time my little guy doesn't run out of pre-school and jump into my arms will break my heart. Good luck with the teen years. I have no advise other than the fact that I was a hideous teenager!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday to "The Boy" from the Coopers! :)

Barb, sfo said...

Big Brother is almost 16, and he didn't even acknowledge our presence at Friday's race where we waited 40 minutes in the cold to cheer for him. BUT yesterday he called from school to ask if he could bring 2 friends home until it was time for stage crew to start. So I am comforted, a little.
Happy Birthday to The Boy, and welcome to Teen Parenthood. It's a little painful, but mostly it's exciting and I love it.

scmom (Barbara) said...

Yes, it flies. And the next few fly even faster, so grab those kisses when you can. I am fortunate, my 18 yo still volunteers them.

Happy Birthday young man!

patjrsmom said...

Thank you all, on behalf of The Boy. I especially appreciate the kind words of all the moms who are already parenting teens. I'm feeling a little encouraged!

God Bless,

jena said...

oh Jane- my baby girl turned four and I am already feeling that way- it makes me tear up!