Monday, May 07, 2007

First Communion in Pictures

Yesterday was such a beautiful day. Both girls were so happy and we were all so proud of them. In the program, one of the songs played was, as you may remember, a favorite of mine. The moment I saw that song, I knew my chances of making it out of the church dry-eyed were slim.

What a blessing when your big brother is asked to serve at your First Holy Communion!

In just a little over three months, H received three sacraments! Talk about a grace-filled way to start the year!!! Our pastor, shown here, was present for every one of them.

B and H's special friend, who came to see her friends on their big day. The girls can't wait to go to her First Holy Communion in just two more weeks.

Another family picture...

We were so blessed to share this day with Grandma, Grandpa and lots of aunts and uncles! And thank goodness we had Grandma there to walk the ever-squirmy Baby T in the back of the church.



Congrats to your girls!!

Faith said...

Helen & Brigid - Congratulations on your First Communion. You both look just beautiful! Love, Auntie Faith