Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Do you know this young mother's story? Perhaps you already do. Or perhaps, her story mirrors yours...or your spouse's...or parent's or child's.
There is nothing remarkable, in this day and age, about someone battling cancer. Certainly you know, or someone you know knows, someone who is valiantly fighting that good fight.
But what is so remarkable, and the reason why this story is different; is the courageous faith and trust in the Lord that this woman possesses. Her spirit on, what I can only hazard to guess is, a journey fraught with ups, downs, unknowns and unimaginables is taking the of menacing stare of cancer and turning it into a joy-filled battle cry for victory in Christ.
And what's even more amazing? She's leading hundreds (maybe more?) people to the battlefield with her for the win.
So, if you haven't yet done so, click on the button above, and read her story. I'd tell you to go and offer her your encouragement, too, but she and her God have cornered the market on success stories; so maybe just let her know you'll pray for her, for her husband and three small children.
I guarantee you'll leave with more than you entered.
"Today God is loving the world through you and through me and through all those who are his love and compassion in the world." Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

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5KidMom said...

Heather is an amazing lady!! We "met" because she has been reading my blog to follow my brother-in-law's brain cancer journey. Her faith, and power to express it, is extraordinary!!