Friday, May 25, 2007

May Birthdays
Four years ago this past Monday, we welcomed home our third daughter, CB. Born the day after her Dad's birthday, she has been a joyful child, full of life and emotion, since she arrived. Here are some pictures of her family birthday dinner (as well as some pictures of the cards that B and H made for Dad's birthday).

Cards from the two big girls

Message inside B's card to her Dad...a Hallmark moment of sorts


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to CB and to the old Marso! The card from B was awesome! Do you have a love/hate relationship with the webkinz like my sister does??? There are many times when her house is a "Webkinz-Free Zone".
When did Marso Jr. become a baker? Very impressive.
Have the ants gone marching 2 by 2 yet??
East Coast Crawling Champion's Mommy

patjrsmom said...

Hey there EC3Mom!

So far the Webkinz are fairly innocuous. We'll see how it goes, so I will definitely be keeping in mind your sister's rule.
As for the Boy, he actually IS quite the baker. It gives me hope for the future Mrs. Boy someday.
And the ants...I have to wait until we have a rain free few days...hopefully soon!
BTW, A very Happy May Birthday to you, too!


Becky said...

The picture of your 2 year old welling up is precious! I love seeing all the girlie stuff. Since I have all boys I have no clue what the Webkinz even is? Her cake is fabulous and I would be so proud of the boy! I plan to have my boys doing the same thing.
Becky Wright

brigid said...

Well about dad's age? I'm just going to say! Just saying your 36
just saying!

Faith said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my good friend, Claire. And Nora, July birthdays are LOTS of fun, too. Trust me. ;-)

patjrsmom said...

A big thank you from CB to all her birthday well-wishers!!!

And for Becky, Webkinz are smallish stuffed animals that come with a paper tag containing a web-code so that you can play with your animal online (you know buy it clothes, food, decorate its house...I can't imagine why your boys aren't interested...;-)!!!)


Life in Fitzville said...

May is a big birthdya month here as well!

That "Just Saying" card cracked me right up!