Thursday, May 17, 2007

Online Magazine for Girls

Looking for a magazine for your daughters? Check out Philomena Girl. Here's some of what you'll find:
  • Learn how to make today's style work for you!Jeans too low? Shirts too short? Here are some great ideas to make anything look as sweet as you are!
  • What's new here? Here's Ella Gunderson, a young girl who asked a major department store to sell the kind of clothes she wanted to buy and guess what? They listened!
  • Who is this Philomena? You're gonna be such good friends!
  • Free mp3 downloads of pop songs based on traditional prayers. Also, a guide to help you choose music that suits both your personal rhythm & eternal soul!
  • See what other Philomena Girls have written and share youre thoughts here!
  • It's Spring! Here's some great stuff to do for Spring!
  • Pray! Pray! Nothing else matters if we don't spend some time here!
  • Stuff for Philomena Girls to buy!
  • Cool places for Philomena

(HT: Dawn for this link)


Anonymous said...

Sr. Philomena approves this magazine! I hope that you were laughing to yourself when you came across this site!

patjrsmom said...

You know that I was laughing while simultaneously berating myself for the sacreligiousness(sp?) of it all! Remember though, Sr. Philomena left a good impression on Shorty McShortshorts so she couldn't have been half bad, right? ;-)