Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What am I?

I sat at our final soccer game of the season on Saturday, in the warm afternoon sunshine of a late spring day. We decided to take the three littlest ones to the game while the Boy was leisurely returning from spending the previous night at grandma's house.

I'm pretty sure a soccer game was played, but given the whirling dervishes that accompanied me; in addition to the cell phone calls from the absent Boy; and, of course, the competing cries for attention from the budding soccer stars, I was becoming frustrated that I might actually not see what I came to watch.

Suddenly I saw, as both girls took the field, what I had really come to see.

As CB and N, vyed for space on my lap, I realized...

I am...a comfy seat, a back rest, a portable armchair.

I am...a shoelace tie-er, ponytail fix-er, shin guard-adjuster.

I am...a portable snack shack, an oasis of juice boxes, a gum giver.

I am...a cheerleader, a customer care phone rep, a chauffeur.

I am...a restroom attendant, a hand sanitizer, a (gasp!) soccer mom.


I am...waved to, smiled at, called for, hugged and kissed and squeezed on, looked for, pointed to


most of all,

I am loved.


5KidMom said...

One more thing....You are blessed!!

Life in Fitzville said...

Great post... and great reminder when we are bogged down by all that lap-vying-for and juice-box-doling-out.

And yep 5kidmom... so, so blessed! :)

patjrsmom said...

Yes, yes I am. Thank you for the reminder. :-)