Thursday, May 24, 2007

So that's what it's for!

My kind neighbor called the other day and asked if I was still having ant problems. After telling her "yes", she offered to send her son, the Boy's friend, down the next day with a product that had taken care of their own ant problem a number of years ago. I immediately agreed.

The next afternoon, her son arrived after school bearing the goods. As he stepped through the front door, he handed me a plastic container designed with a convenient hand grip and the lid on the bottom. His preschool groupies, N and CB, had also come to welcome him. N, with her ant spotting eagle eyes, noticed approximately 4 small ants on the floor near the front door. She cried out in fear, as well taught by her mama, and I (still holding the container of ant-poisony goodness) leaned over and with four quick thunks, *removed* the ants using the lid of the container as my instrument of attack. N was quite pleased with my results.

My pre-teen exterminator, however, looked at me quizzically, obviously unimpressed.

"Ummm, Mrs.'re supposed to take the lid off and use the stuff that's inside to kill them," he grinned.

Smart boy. Lucky for me he came with the container. ;-)

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