Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sale Starts Tomorrow!

The "Sacrifice Sale" that our family, along with two other families who have adopted children from Ethiopia and who go to our school, begins tomorrow! We're really hoping that this will be a great opportunity in many ways. We hope to raise funds for our agency's orphanage and also to educate other families about adoption--specifically in Ethiopia. We want to promote cultural understanding and teach our children about sacrifice. It's funny, though, how we as adults are quick to think we are always the teachers and our children are always the students. In spite of ourselves, our children manage, on more than one occasion to remind us that they, too, can teach; and in some cases, the lesson is better taught, when it comes from them. Pray for a successful fundraiser tomorrow and to learn more about sacrifice, stop by and read this story (told by one of the other families hosting the sale) for a lesson you won't soon forget.

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