Friday, November 17, 2006

Of Passports and Birth Certificates

On the fifth day of Hidar in the year of 1999 (according to the Ethiopian calendar), the official birth certificates were issued for H and Baby T! We received a file containing copies of the certificates yesterday! The certificates are written in both Amharic and English. It sure is strange to see what our names look like spelled out in Amharic. I imagine, it is equally strange for H to see her name in the Roman alphabet! Either way, in Amharic or English, the papers were just another confirmation that this is real and they are really, really ours! Holding the papers is good, but holding our children will be oh-so-much better!

And, to top this good news off, we received another update from Anne this morning. She writes:

Just wanted to let you know that I went to the passport office with H and Baby T yesterday. Baby T got to wear spiffy tennies -- he looked very cute. He is a very sweet little guy -- and is so loved by the nannies. He makes lots of eye contact, smiles, reaches out, and seems to be doing great. H came into Wanna and was helping to get him ready, tying his shoes, etc. -- she is so nurturing with him, and also with the other babies. She was so cute -- she had barrettes in her hair and looked so excited and proud. She has REALLY gorgeous hair -- oh, my. Loose, beautiful curls -- wow!

B and I are wondering if the barrettes H had in her hair were the ones we sent in her welcome bag?!
We are getting really close and soon, actually, just in time for Advent, we'll all be home together!


5KidMom said...

So much happy news. Updates are so fun!! Here's praying for the time to pass quickly until your children are in your arms!!

Katie said...

Yet again Helen is showing signs that she will fit PERFECTLY into your family!