Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Batten Down the Hatches

The seas are getting stormy around here. Today, in no particular order, I was treated to the following:
  • our three year old, CB, wailing and gnashing her teeth through a doctor's visit at which she required a breathing treatment and antibiotics for bronchitis.
  • still no update on our travel arrangements---I've heard of "Ethiopia time" but is everyone in America who deals with Ethiopia required to be on it? Sheesh.
  • our 6 month inspection for our foster care license, where I met our new case worker.
  • my darling two year old, who speaks her own form of broken English, and her three year old sister cheering, "Hooray! Hooray! We've got lipstick!" This drew my attention for a number of obvious reasons. When I got to where they were, I discovered that the lipstick was actually a purple colored GLUE-stick!

It's no wonder we don't hear more about Mrs. Noah on the ark. If she was smart, she grabbed a cup of tea (or more) and headed to a quiet spot near the mice and deer and curled up with a good book for most of the trip!


faith said...

I hope CB's bronchitis clears up soon. I think of a few things you could add to that tea to make your visit with the deer and mice more relaxing. Speaking of which, why curl up with the deer and mice??? I don't think of mice as relaxing. I would go looking for the cats and dogs (yes, I said I would curl up with a cat - I must be tired)!

Julie Cooper said...

Hey, glue on our children's lips... now that's a great idea! Perhaps CB and N can teach that trick to my kids! (I hope CB gets better soon.) Hang in there.

Haline said...

Hi all...Jane, I have noted a few grey hairs on my head of late...I would imagine you have too? I truly admire you for how you always handle adversity with a smile on your face however! (Can't say the same for me!) Hope CB feels better soon...we've been down that road many a time. It's horrible. We are all counting down the days with you until the ark gets it's newest inhabitants! How wonderful! Keep in touch.

Haline said...

Oh, excuse me....I'm busily searching for some glue sticks...I learned a great new tip from a friend of mine (as the kids are out of control in the background....)

patjrsmom said...

Okay, I'll start a list. Glue sticks for Julie and Haline (any other takers?) and for Faith... a snuggly cat!!! ;-)