Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Man of the House

B is an amazing kid. She always has been, but the past few days she has been a real trooper. She is quick to help (without a fuss!) or play with her little sisters or to keep a watchful eye on me, even, which this week is no small feat! I smiled to myself at the self-proclaimed "man of the house."
Then, today, I spoke to the traveling "man of the house." He sounded a little tired, but upbeat and managing to take things, as he does so much, in stride. It reminded me of Bill Cosby's talk to his children about being "the boss." He finished by telling them, that he had seen the boss' job---and he didnt' want it. I imagine B would think the same if she knew what her Dad had been up to the past few days
  • Baby T was into the second day of vomitting-usually on Dad.
  • Spending a few hours in an overseas US Embassy to ensure that all i's were dotted and t's crossed (which they were!)
  • The Boy was helping by keeping his headphones on and music turned up.
  • The running water was hit-or-miss today at the guest house.
  • There doesn't seem to be a tub (for bathing puking babies) at the guest house.
  • He is preparing to take our brand new daughter, who vascilates between happy and sad regarding leaving Ethiopia, to see an unknown group of relatives tomorrow.
  • I'm sure he's also starting to contemplate the trip (and the length of it) back home in less than 48 hours.

I'd have to agree with Cosby, I don't know WHO would volunteer to sign up for this job. Except my husband. For those who wondered, he has 100%, from start to finish, been a full-time rider--Captain, even--on this ark ride. He has been strong and steady through the daunting paperwork, through the emotion of accepting a referral, through the never-ending costs, and now through the a third world country...where the prospect of running water is not guaranteed...with a sick bring home two children who barely know him at all...on a plane which they've probably NEVER seen, let alone flown on...all on his "vacation" time. And I love him even more today than I did when he picked my baby sister up, off the side of a ski run and carried her down the slope to safety. But what's even more amazing, is that he isn't doing it for me. All of this and more that he's done and continues to do (without a complaint, I might add), he does because he's felt God's call, too, for our family and he's answered it.


Julie Cooper said...

Don't know if you mean a small tub or a regular bathtub. If you mean the latter, tell the captain there's one upstairs, turn right and right again, in the communal bathroom. We had our own bathroom and I didn't know about this one with the tub till a couple of days in.

I feel your pain, ark riders! Hold on tight and keep praying. You'll be okay... in God's time, of course. :)


anne marie and larry said...

how blessed you all are to have such a wonderful husband and father!

love and prayers

the lillwitz'

Ginger said...

If you mean a baby bathtub, there was one under the stairs in the entryway (near the laundry) when we were there in June.

Anonymous said...

I was looking at the site and the clock with Addis time and it was 5:10 am, just about the time every morning when the guy (I know that there is an Islamic name for him, but it escapes me) blew his horn and chanted, calling the people for prayer. I never understood how a group so in the minority there was allowed to wake up everybody because it was time for them to pray.
Anyway, rest assured, Pat will forget all the vomit and other assorted unpleasantries much more readily than he will the experience of it all... Although all those "fond memories" do find their way to the surface when hearing about the struggles of others. Good luck with your is getting closer. Larry

patjrsmom said...

Thanks everyone for the info about the tub. I will pass it along when I speak to my husband this morning. If they have running water today, I bet I know someone who's getting a bath!!! And, as always, thanks for the encouragement--you all are just great~!!! I wish Pat could read all of this, but I'm pretty sure internet access is not on the top of his list right now!