Sunday, November 05, 2006

Inspiration requested

I'm looking for some assistance. I have gotten into the habit (okay, maybe it's more of an obsessive hobby) of stamping--thankyouverymuch, AG, my own personal stamp pimp--our family Christmas card. I'd also like to do an insert card this year with our adoption announcement on it. I had planned to include the scripture verse from 1 Samuel when Hannah says, "For this child, I prayed...". I really like it, but as I have shared with some of you, my thoughts on this verse have changed somewhat since I first found it. Originally, it seemed like a perfect fit. We had prayed for our adopted child (as we have for all of our other children) but now we have TWO adopted children and "For the children, I prayed..." Well, it just seems off a bit. That's the smaller of the issues with the verse, however. As we've gone through the adoption process and come to a greater, although not yet full I'm sure, understanding of adoption; one thing has been really driven home: as great and wonderful as adoption is, especially considering the alternatives in some cases, at the heart of adoption is great loss. Our children will have lost their birth parents, the first family they knew, their homeland, possibly their language and probably more that we haven't yet realized. We wouldn't have "prayed" for this for anyone, let alone our own children. So, I'm looking for a new scripture verse or a way to spin the one we've chosen to reflect how we really feel. Any suggestions? Go ahead, I'm listening...

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