Sunday, November 12, 2006


There is a family in our agency, who waited nearly 8 months for the referral of their baby girl. When they received the referral, however, they were just too late to make court before it closed until October. They were assigned to our group and were *scheduled* to have a court date on October 16th, too. As you know, court didn't happen until November began and then we received embassy dates for later this month. The family decided to travel early to not wait another moment to be with their darling daughter. So, they're in Ethiopia RIGHT NOW...Why am I telling you all this (especially for those of you who have followed this story, too)? I'm telling you this, because while they are there early to deliberately spend time with their new daughter, they have gone out of their way to A. find and spend time with H and Baby T and B. make the effort to get to an internet connection to upload and send this to us:

Outside at Layla House

Sitting up!!!

She also included this note:

I saw Bedlu and Helen briefly early last week. Bedlu is a happy boy -- he looks terrific. His spots are healing up, he's happy and looks very healthy! Helen is such a sweet, sweet girl -- you're going to adore her (I know you do already...). She was so helpful to us when we were touring Layla -- so polite, and just so precious.

I am so grateful to this family for sharing their precious time with our kids as well as their own whom they waited so long to see. This is really a great testimony to our agency that families who travel help each other out like this. It makes the surreal seem real to see this family, finally, actually in Ethiopia, and it is a light at the end of our own tunnel.


Julie Cooper said...

How sweet! Not only is this great and comforting for you, but by this family talking to her and taking her picture for you, it helps H get ready to leave Layla. You can be sure she knows you're coming SOON for her!!! Thanks for sharing these photos. And Baby T could not get more adorable.

Katie said...

How old is Baby T? I love that he's sitting up on his own! Of course Helen is giving tours of Layla House-she's your daughter already!!

patjrsmom said...

Hey, K,
He's *supposedly* about 8 mos. old. We're really not going to be sure---I guess ever---but we'll have more information, at least, after we have him home! And, yes, I fully expect H to be RUNNING Layla House by the time we arrive!