Thursday, October 19, 2006

A welcome surprise

Yesterday, after all the unwelcome news about the court situation, I wasn't really looking for any good news. But God provided via the US Postal Service!
Knowing as they somehow do, in their own way, that the court delay was not a good thing, the kids have gone above and beyond in the area of compassion-especially to me. So, after school, when the boy came walking up the driveway with a big grin and waving the mailing envelope, I knew something was up. What a wonderful surprise it was to receive H's camera yesterday. I called my husband who said, "Go now! Drop it off and we'll pick it up in an hour." So, we did just that--with the understanding that this camera's fate could be that of Baby T's (27 exposures-only 2 grainy pictures due to x-ray machines at the airports). But, lo and behold, one hour later we were sitting in the kitchen carefully studying all of the pictures we received! What a gift!

Kids will be kids-no matter where they live. These are the Polly Pockets we sent H. showcased against the photo album we made her. The photo the dolls are displayed on is of our cat, Kuzco.

Another picture of H and her friend. The friend is wearing the sunglasses we sent H.

Daddy's troubles have just increased-another beautiful daughter to watch over! H and friend (also wearing the sparkly, pink shades!)


Katie said...

I LOVE the way Helen lined up all of dolls to take a photo-she'll fit right in w/ you! Maybe someone tipped her off that her new mommy likes to run a tight ark! Seriously, she's adorable. Hey, are you going to home-school all of the animals?

patjrsmom said...

This is a great question with lots of pieces to it. The answer, if you can call it that, is posted above! BTW, do you have a blog now?

Katie said...

I don't have a blog, but I am thinking about it! Is Aunt Lizardo still going w/ the boys to p/u Helen and Thomas? I love that Patrick might get to visit Germany! How old was he when you moved back?