Monday, October 30, 2006

The Best Gift of All

When I woke up yesterday morning, I was greeted by my three year old, CB, at the side of my bed. She was soon joined by her little sister, N and they both climbed up to wish me a happy birthday and snuggle and giggle. As the (current) two youngest in the house, they seem to have the market cornered on this type of behavior. There weren't even any church commitments. No one had to work nursery, altar serve, bring up the gifts or any other detail that would have required an organization of Sunday morning that would have impressed Army strategists. Between that and the extra hour of sleep from the time change, the day had already given me two lovely gifts (besides the two who woke me up, of course!)
As we made our way downstairs, my dear husband had already made hot tea and brought in the paper. Before we started to get ready for church, however, the three girls just could not wait any longer and came to share with me their gifts. CB had spent the better part of the night before dragging a balloon covered gift bag around the house and tossing in the special things (most of which actually belonged to her) for my birthday surprise. As I opened it and took out her special Care Bear, the bag of crayons (which prompted a "SO THAT'S WHERE THOSE WENT!" from her big sister), and a variety of other preschool treasures, I'm not sure who smiled more-she or I. My oldest daughter presented a beautiful handmade book called "Mom and Me Together!" The opening page reads:

Me and you together is great! We can have a lot of fun together. And now
you can look at all we have done together. And make sure to do some writing
about you and me together...I will love you forever...

After reading it, I know why it wasn't boxed. There isn't a box big enough to hold such sentiment. The day (and even a bit the two days before!) continued on in the same vein: phone calls, emails, kind words, and surprise gifts--even a slightly odiferous birthday hat-- from family and friends. It made me think about how lucky I am, and it made me think about H and Baby T, whose birth mother has also given me a gift that no box could ever hold. And it made me realize, it is not the gifts that I'm so enamored of today; the best gift of all is--at its core, the givers themselves. Thanks to all of you whom I am lucky to call "givers" for such a special day!


brigid said...

Thanks mom your the best.

patjrsmom said...

you're the best, too, sweetie!