Tuesday, October 17, 2006

As if it wasn't enough...

Now, I get to hear all about some CNN reporter rehash for the umpteenth time about whether it is a good idea for white Americans to adopt African children. Obviously, there is a better answer than adoption. It would be a perfect world if ALL children, not just African orphans, were raised in the loving care of the parents who gave them life, but unfortunately (as we see all too often) our world is far from perfect.
To judge the motivations of the rest of the white, Western world by what a handful of celebrities do or say is like saying that all white, Westerners hold the same views and values as the Hollywood A-list or the media at large. When the alternatives for children are either fend for yourself in your motherland or find a mother in a new homeland---the loss of one's homeland for a time is not necessarily a bad thing.
As a matter of fact, many adoptive parents put their own selfish desires aside to help put into action a plan whereby their foreign-born child stays connected to the land of their birth--as well as any family members who may still live there. They do this in the hopes that maybe someday, their child can return, triumphant to give back to their country ,which has given to us--the adoptive parents--a gift beyond measure.


faith said...

It's amazing what a hot topic this has become lately, isn't it? I was watching the Today show this morning and *yet another* story on Madonna and her adoption. The reporter stated that there are 18 million orphans in Africa waiting for adoption and that after Madonna adopts her son, there will STILL be 18 million children waiting for adoption; I beg to differ - there will be 17, 999, 997 (I allowed for H & T). Nothing is solved overnight, but one child at a time. The report also indicated that orphans in America have a better chance of survival than those in Africa - so why not help where the help is needed most? I think you and Pat are doing the most wonderful thing. I just wanted to say that.

Giessenmom2 said...

Through Him P and J!!!