Sunday, October 08, 2006

Good news?

Well, if no news really is good news, then we're just chock full of good news this week. We've heard nothing about a court date, nothing about an embassy date and, therefore, nothing about a travel date.

So in the spirit of good news being no news, let's hope we get some bad news around here soon. I mean if the opposite of good news/no news = bad news/any news...Anyway, here are a couple of photos: one is of our sleeping boy and one of his sister (in the pink shirt).

Asleep in the stripes-look how BIG he's getting!

I know she's shy, but this is the only picture of 317 (taken by another traveling family-thanks!) that we could catch a glimpse of her sweet face.


The Cooper Family said...

Great pictures (soccer, farm and all!) If it makes you feel any better, we found a ton of pictures taken of our 2-year-old, but very few taken of the 8-year-old. This was very frustrating as I just wanted a glimpse of him, just to make sure he was OK and to see a different expression. Brett says when he went to the orphanage in Ethiopia the younger children were all confined in an area, but the older kids had many places where they could roam free. So they are less likely to be photographed. Plus everyone wants to take photos of the cute little babies and toddlers. I hope you get more photos of her and I hope you get your court date soon! Julie

patjrsmom said...

Thanks, Julie.
We had a couple of pictures of her taken with a friend that were very nice and in this last traveling families set of pictures, the friend is in a TON of them! They adopted a sibling set (8 and 2) so lots of kids near H's age, but she is just not in any of the pictures. I was beginning to worry that she was sick or something had happened to her, but I really wonder if she is just camera shy?

Anonymous said...

she looks so nice /sweet. kathryn

patjrsmom said...

I think so, too, Kathryn. I can't wait for her to meet you and all the other HA kids.