Monday, September 11, 2006

Where were you?

I received a call from my friend A, who is as close to me in spirit as she is far away in distance. She was just calling to reflect on the events in our nation 5 years ago. She commented how each generation seems to have a definining moment, an event in their history that eclipses all others and leaves a permanent mark on the memory (think JFK, think Pearl Harbor, etc...) She remembered that day, with us as recent transplants to NY, how she couldn't reach us on the phone (the phone lines were basically jammed-but she didn't know that) and how she called and called until she and I talked that night. I remembered how I was stuck in my locked down 2nd grade classroom with 23 , (then 22, then 21, etc...) blissfully ignorant 7 and 8 year olds until their ride home arrived. I remember not knowing where my kids (just P and B at the time) were and hearing rumors that the bridges across the Hudson had all been closed to traffic, leaving my husband and I on opposite sides of the river, or so I thought. It is amazing to me that it has been 5 years since that day and that we have 2 new children since, and soon to be 2 more who will know this story from only what they read in their History books. After some consideration, however, I think my friend A had it right. We owe it to our chidren who weren't there to remember. Our children will know this story from us. They will know where we were and how out of control that day felt and how we worried for each other and waited until we could simply hear one another's voice. They will know it because we will take the time to remember and reflect and share it with them. So, my question to you all, what do you remember from that day? Where were you? What will you do to help your children know this horrific yet heroic event in American history is more than a lesson in their History books? And a thank you, A, for reminding me to never forget.


The Cooper Family said...

The other night Brett and I rented the movie United 93. Very good movie!! It helped us both to remember that day.

Thanks for sharing your story. I didn't realize you were living in NY then. (I knew you lived there, but I didn't put 2 and 2 together.) Brett and I were very, very scared that day, and we were so far away from NY. We rushed home after the second tower was hit and we frantically packed "survival" backpacks. We had no idea where we would go or when, and it sounds a bit silly now, but at the time it seemed like the responsible thing to do. They could have been ready to attack our big city. Nobody knew what was going to come next....

But you were right there, and separated from your family. How awful that must have been.


Faith said...

Where was I? Unfortunately, I had just been layed off from my job, so I was home watching the "Today" show as everything unfolded. I was staying with my parents at the time, and after the first plane hit, I ran upstairs to tell my Mom. She asked me, "Was it terrorists?" and I said, "No, they aren't saying that." I went back downstairs and the second plane had just hit. And the awful, awful truth became clear. Who would have ever thought? It was clearly a defining moment in not only our lives, but in our nation's history.