Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New Pictures!!!

Many thanks to A and her husband/photographer, S, who sent us these pictures of our kids from when her husband traveled to visit their darling daughter, who is a nursery-mate of Baby T!

Just a couple of our little guy who seems very interested in the camera or cameraman. He seems pretty content---possibly because he is wearing a gender neutral outfit instead of a pink or flowered one. (All the kids at the orphanage share ALL the clothes...pink, blue or flowered in his case!)

This is a picture of H (on right) with her best friend at one of the going away parties at Layla House, our agency's orphanage.


Cath said...

You know what is amazing? One of these months, SOON, you are going to post pictures like this but it will be of the entire family together under one roof!!! The arm Helen has around her friend will be around one of YOU and the fabric beneath Thomas will be a sling or someone's shirt not a bed.

Faith said...

Isn't that funny.... I was thinking pretty much what Cathy just wrote. That, pretty soon, the pictures will be of Helen with her arm around Patrick, Brigid, Claire or Nora..... By the way, LOVE Tommy's duck! :-)

patjrsmom said...

Yes, it is really crazy! There are days where it is almost surreal. Especially the days where we knew they were coming home, but before they knew it.

brigid said...

I love to see them smail. They look so cute.brigid