Sunday, September 17, 2006

Feeling the baby kick

Over the past few weeks, I feel like I'm hitting the second trimester. We've seen the ultrasound pictures, if you will, and survived the morning sickness of worry over completing paperwork and receiving a referral. We've been at the point for a few weeks, where we really feel good. Things are all falling into place as they should, we've still got that mid-pregnancy energy and all seems right with the world. Funny thing about the second trimester, though; it (for me) has always been the point where the baby's kicks start to be recognizable. For me it is a sure sign that the baby is starting to put his or her two cents in and make sure to get mom's attention---especially when everything else has quieted down. This particular event passes without note for everyone else, even my husband will still look at the baby (who is now 2) and say something like, "Wow! I just realized we have four kids!"
I hadn't anticipated the kicks of adoption. Oh, they're different all right, but they serve the same purpose. When we received these photos of H and Baby T opening their "Welcome Bags" that we made them, I felt the first kicks. It was like a sudden realization that the kids in the photos who we have been loving, praying for, worrying about and missing were REAL. kick. kick. kick.
Then the kids saw the pictures and CB, I'm pretty certain, felt a kick when she realized that the sparkle shirt on H and the Bears sleeper on Baby T were the clothes she held in her little hands and lovingly helped place in their welcome bags. After looking at the picture for a while, okay maybe a LONG while, it dawned on me that they were also holding the photo albums we made them both on their laps. kick.
It has happened a few more times since then, usually when all is quiet and I'm alone with my thoughts, which is rare, but they're already getting mom's attention in their own little ways.

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