Thursday, September 14, 2006

One of the many reasons why we love them

Who you ask? Who do we love so much? Why Uncle N and Aunt A, of course. Well, okay, you might say, but why mention them specifically? I mean in a family with a combined total of 12 siblings there are many aunts and uncles to love---not to mention the unofficial aunties and uncles we've amassed. But this particular reason, this particular weekend that these particular two are drawing special recognition has to do with their offer to spend Friday night and Saturday day with our kids. So, my dear husband of 13 years and I are escaping away for the night and the following day taking comfort in the knowledge that they are in very capable hands. We figured that this will be our last chance for a little while, at least, (note: last night alone--not including time spent in the hospital after births of babies #3 and #4--was in Winter 2001--thanks Mom!) to get a chance to eat dinner in more than 15 minutes, wake up without the courtesy of someone crying for breakfast, oops I mean an alarm clock, and have an intelligible, uninterrupted conversation with each other. So thanks again, N and A, for your kindness and service-laden love. We love you! and we promise to return on Saturday!!!

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