Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Blink and you might miss it

In anticipation of our two new children, we took a look at our current pace of life and decided to do some downsizing. First off, because we just aren't as young as we used to be (pause while Dad chimes in with, "You're HOW old???") Secondly, because the sheer volume of activity starts to increase exponentially, I believe, once you begin running zone defensive parenting and can no longer accomodate the man-to-man defense. But mostly, because that's not why we decided to become parents and have a family.

We believe that God is a God who enjoys a good laugh, in the same way that a parent chuckles when they go to Open House night at school to find the letter their 2nd grade daughter has left tells all about her "rainbow shirt" except she's forgotten the "r" in "shirt". (Not that WE'VE ever had that happen) So when we jokingly said during our pre-cana class that we thought we'd have a dozen kids we're beginning to wonder if God isn't using this to give us a spelling lesson of sorts.

But this is not about the number of children we, or anyone else, ends up parenting. This is about answering what Stephen Covey calls a "higher yes." That is not that what you choose to do is more or less important or can quantify your time as more or less busy than others, but that you have prioritized certain things, things that God has specifically placed on your heart, and so for you other things can wait while you answer that call.(Thanks again, C, for sharing this concept.) As we finish the room renovations around the house (trust me when I say the outcome of the ark project would have been radically different if Noah had to deal with the Building and Zoning people in our village) and the medical preparations and educational plans, etc... we've needed to ground ourselves in what and why we follow the path set forth in front of us and when I read this today, I was again reminded why.

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