Sunday, September 10, 2006

Group A and Strep

Seems as though we've come down with some cases of strep throat here on the ark. It's just the regular run of the mill strep from what the doctor says so the group A in the title is actually referring to some good news on our adoption front:

We have been assigned to the first group of cases (hence the 'A') to be filed in the Ethiopian courts once they reopen after the New Year's holiday. There are, I think, a total of 10 families in our group whose cases will be heard some time in mid-October. We haven't been given the actual court date yet, but once that is assigned, our agency will begin setting appointments at the US Embassy for H and Baby T. Given the past histories of traveling groups, it seems as though travel will occur sometime around mid-November which would bring everyone home in time to celebrate Thanksgiving.


Katie said...

Hooray for group A!!! Sorry about the strep though. That's one of the back-to-school bummers I'm afraid. Hope everyone is well soon.

The Cooper Family said...

Hope everyone feels better at your house.

It would be so wonderful to have H and Baby T home for Thanksgiving.


P.S. Thanks for the link!