Monday, September 18, 2006

Not as lame as we thought

We're back! We had a wonderful weekend trip away. We stayed in a lovely, historic, hotel Friday night and spent all day out out and about on Saturday.
We actually didn't arrive at the hotel until about 10pm on Friday night, after coming from a Couple's Scripture Study at church. We had been pretty frazzled trying to get out of the house on time and make sure we brought everything we needed with us and that the kids were fed and their aunt and uncle had phone numbers, soccer schedules, medication schedules (remember the strep?) and --we can't forget--pizza money! We had been planning to sit and have a leisurely meal of pasta with homemade meatballs and sauce, garlic bread and garlic roasted broccoli and to chat with Uncle N and Aunt A before we left, but when we found CB standing next to the water cooler saying very loudly, "I'm sorry, Mommy! I'm sorry!" the best we could do was send the bigger kids for towels-lots of them-and quickly grab a few bites of dinner before rushing out the door. It must upset the forces of evil (yes, Lizardo, I said "EEEvil" as in the "fruits of the devil") so much that when a couple is trying to spend some time renewing and refreshing their marriage the vibe around the house gets pretty weird. As a matter of fact, just as we were leaving, Uncle N said, "The mojo around this place is so bad that if you get home and your house has burned down, don't--blame--us." Yikes! I am here today to tell you that the house is still in one piece, as for Uncle N and Aunt A, though, I'm not so sure.
Since we had basically missed dinner, though, we decided at 10:30 PM (yes, my old married friends with children, they still have a 10:30 PM!)to go out to eat. It was such a strange feeling to be going OUT at that time. We enjoyed the whole weekend along those same lines: going and coming as we pleased, stopping at stores that didn't pipe High School Musical in over the sound system, and eating at places where they didn't serve our dinner in a bag with a toy. As our final stop for the night, we went out for dinner. It was to be our last uninterrupted meal with adult conversation and not one trip to the restroom the whole time! Except that to our suprise,we had stumbled in to a "take your children to dinner night" where as we listened to the families laughing and enjoying each other's company, we smiled and realized that's why it was so good to go away--because it was so much better to come back home.

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