Thursday, October 15, 2009

Natural Garden Control

I am happy to report that all of your suggestions were as helpful as they were effective--which is more to the point!

I'm not sure what finally put the little leaf munchers over the edge--but something did.

We ended up using a combination of Japanese beetle bags, coffee grinds, and soapy water (thanks, Denise, Michelle, and Rhonda!)

Unfortunately, once we had taken care of the pests, our garden was hit with late-season blight and we had to pull of our nightshade veggies out of the garden. Fortunately, most of my non-blighted tomatoes were ripe enough to go from green to ripe on my kitchen counter. After all our garden plagues this summer, I'd say it's a good thing we don't need to rely on our own abilities for sustenance.

All these early Americans we've been reading about? It's a wonder to me that they didn't all starve to death--or at least the line of gardeners I'm descended from!

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Anonymous said...

Trust me Jane if you are having gardening troubles you are not alone (or we are from the same line of descendants)...that is the first thing (the advice) I've had go right in the garden for years! lol

Enjoy your day!

Rhonda :)