Friday, September 26, 2008

More Good News

I just have to mention that when we first relocated here, The Captain opened a local bank account for us. While leaving the bank (located in the middle of a strip mall) he noticed that there was no obvious drive-thru lane (a must-have for a mother of small children!). We called the bank and much to our dismay, found out that there was, in fact, no drive-thru service there. So began the rigmarole of closing that account, finding another bank and opening another account. But today, I am counting my blessings. You might be familiar with the first bank we tried. They've been in the news a bit today.

Let's start with the fact that Baby Girl's cold seems to be improving. The lone spot on her cheek disappeared and seems not to be of the pox-variety!

Then, let's add that Hannah, Beulah and The Captain had a mini-reunion of sorts with Hannah's aunt, uncle, cousin and godmother! I am eagerly awaiting more details and pictures (that goes without saying, I suppose).

Not to mention, that the travelers are less than an hour away from boarding their flight for home! Look for a very important post coming soon about that!

Finally, I just discovered (Thanks, Dawn! Now go have that baby!) that the African Children's Choir is coming to the Chicago area! We saw them a few years ago at Cross Lutheran Church in Yorkville. They'll be there again (as I expect will we) on October 5th. If you'd like to check their Chicago area schedule, click here. They tour in other locations (including Canada) and that schedule is available here. If you've never seen them before. Take a look at them here...

God is good, friends. All the time.

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Cath said...

Well no wonder that mega bank failed! No drive-thrus? I need to make a call to Sen. McCain, I think I found the solution to those failing bank problems!