Wednesday, September 24, 2008

From the Front Lines

I had a chance to speak to Hannah on the phone yesterday afternoon. As I expected, the information coming from my two daughters is quite a different story from the few non-specific grunts I received from the pre-teen Boy when he traveled.

She said, "Mom, you know how cute Baby Girl is in her pictures? Well...she is more cuter than that when you see her!"

Today is their appointment at the Embassy (actually, given the time change, it may already be over!) Tomorrow they are meeting Baby Girl's grandmother. I expect this will be an emotional couple of days.

On the homefront, we finished a round of high school visits, which I dragged both my mom and dad on (it's not hard to get sucked into the chaotic schedule that is the Ark even when visiting!). We toured three completely different high schools: our town's public high school, the diocesan co-ed high school, and a Benedictine all-boys high school.

Any of you with high schoolers want to chime in with your pros and cons about each? My head is about spinning with information now! I may as well add more!


scmom (Barbara) said...

I strongly endorse same-sex Catholic education, especially in high school. I cannot begin to tell you the advantages of boys (and girls) schooling without the pressure of having the opposite sex observing every move. Email me for details if you want.

Barb, sfo said...

We don't have the option of a same-sex school without sending our kids to Philadelphia to school, and that is out of the question. I'm not having them cross state lines each day for school.

Our diocesan Catholic high school is in town and we really do like it. Most of the teachers have been there long-term and are invested in the school; many teachers and admins send their kids there as well. With 800 students it's small enough that the teachers do get to know the kids, but big enough that there's "something for everyone."

I think that for my son, coed has been good. When he was in 8th grade he would practically not even talk to any girls. Now, he has friends who are girls and friends who are boys. He is comfortable being the only guy in a group, provided the girls are not given to "drama." LOL!

My sister, brother and I all attended same-sex high schools and they were good in their own way as well. I thrived in the environment I was in. I'm not sure the same would be true for my daughter, if that option were available.

I am glad that my children have a Catholic high school available to them. I think that in the teen years they need the support of an education in a Catholic environment.

Anonymous said...

Geeez it is hard to give advise as I don't know the area where you live.

In my area the public schools are just way too dangerous, and the education poor, but I am in a big city.

If he could get into a gifted and talented public school---they often shower those schools with wonderful services, you also get a much better mix of kids (as in they will not beat or kill your child) and can give the best education you could want.

Catholic/private schools are nice but often limited in the services they offer and enrichment. The cost of a regular old Catholic High in Baltimore runs between $10,000-$22,000. That is for a regular old Catholic high school education, not including extra cost for books and uniforms, or extra fees. (So if you have seven or eight kids that adds up to a fortune) October 2008 issue.

So far with a 6 year old I can do elementary Catholic at $5,000 a year, but I don't know how High School will pan out.

Her current teacher is wonderful and worth every penny. She is the only non-white person in her class. The only special needs person in her class. They have no special services so I have to drive her back and forth to the public school for things like speech. It is a trade off but she is getting a good education and loves school. She is safe and has a nice teacher.

Ericka said...

One of my best girlfriend's son went to St. Francis and absolutely LOVED it. I don't know if that is too far or out of range???? She can not say enough GREAT things about it.
Actually, I think the kids come from all over and carpooled........
He did so well there, he got a very coveted scholarship to North Central....
If you are ever interested in learning more, just send me an email and I'll give you her addy, etc.

Ericka said...

Oh, I just thought of something....her daughter may be going there next year, maybe those two can meet. Just kidding, but seriously, remind me to tell you about her son's homecoming story. It is movie material all the sweet things the kids did.....

coffeemom said...

Obviously, I am biased. But our two boys (the only ones hs age so far) have gone to a diocesan high school and it's been a superior education all around. We are looking at that one and the great all girl Dominican Sister run hs downtown for our daughters as they reach that....tough call, so i get your dilemma. But I'd vote at least for the Catholic values imparted w/ the education. Makes a HUGE difference all the way around!

LOVE following the big trip BTW....Thanks for the posts!! KEeping you all in prayers. love M

Easter A. said...

Jane, all very exciting news here! Love it! Baby girl is sooo beautiful and I enjoyed looking at all the other pictures as well.
What a blessing you are to these beautiful babies! God bless you abundantly, all of you!!!