Monday, September 29, 2008

Down Time

The travelers are weary tonight. It's 8:30 and everyone on the Ark is asleep 'cept for me and Baby Girl, who--by the way--slept from 9pm last night to 7am this morning! She seems better and better to me each day. We have our first doctor appointment on Wednesday and a precautionary ENT appointment set up for Thursday, so the jury's still out on any official diagnoses for her (minus a few sketchy ones from Ethiopia). She is sleeping and eating well and has a fiery temper--especially when she's hungry and my spoon-feeding isn't as rapid fire as her royal highness demands. Who says all things are passed on through genetics? *grin*
We said our good-byes to Grandma (who will henceforth be known as Gram-cracker per Naomi's nick name assignment) and Grandpa (who is Baby T's new best buddy...every time the door opens he calls out, "Grandpa?" and sulks off sullenly holding his football). Fortunately, the blows of our typically weepy good-byes were lessened by the knowledge of an upcoming holiday visit!
Baby Girl is finished watching the White Sox highlights (Go Sox!) and her voice beckons. It is music to my ears!
My big girls kept some lovely journals from their trip. I'm going to offer them a "guest blogging" opportunity to let you all know their impressions of the trip. If you have any questions for them, let us know.

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