Thursday, September 18, 2008

Back To School With A Purpose--Final Edition

And the winners are...

Michelle, of Dei Gratia, whose name was pulled first for the Catholic Classics Volume VII African-American Sacred Songs and Anne Marie, whose name came up second for the book, Audrey. (Email me and I'll arrange to get your goodies to you both!)

Thank you to everyone! My heart (and my duffel bag) couldn't be more full!


Anonymous said...

Did i win??? Is this the book you told me about?


Hope you are maintaining your sanity.

love and prayers,

anne marie

patjrsmom said...

You did! And, YES, it's the same book!

Today is a better day!

My sanity just needs to hold out long enough to reach my writing deadline for tomorrow...

Talk to me in 24 hours and see how I'm doing. ;0)


Laura said...

Excellent outcome.
(When someone in my family does a good job, my dad says "Good work Ollie." Good work, Ollie.)

darci said...

What a great pile of stuff..whoohoo! :) Hang in there..hope your writing goes well. Thanks for the encouragement on my blog. darci