Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back to School Prayer Service

We've used the original form of this service in our parish, but tonight, we'll be using this prayer service(the intermediate one, I think, even with the little ones) to bless our children as they begin their new school year.

And, yes, as was alluded to previously, we have taken the plunge. We are moving up to a whole new level of if people didn't find us unusual enough anyway...and begin a journey into the world of home education!

Look for updates throughout the year and follow along with us as we answer this new call for our family!

AND...the blog button below will be available---along with an explanation---coming very soon!



darci said...

congrats on the homeschooling adventure! we love it, i think you will too. :) We are starting back in a week and are so excited, too. Best of luck and hold on for the ride!

Anonymous said...

You guys ARE a whole new level of crazy!! Can't wait to find out about new blog button though, very interesting!
Please post pics of your "classroom/s!"

Anne said...

Have a very blessed first year of home schooling. One tip is avoid trying to 'replicate' the school experience. It only leads to burnout and frustration. Find your own rhythm for your home. Remember, you are educating future saints!


If you need any help or encouragement, please don't hesitate!

Michelle said...

Congratulations as you and your family begin another new and exciting chapter in your lives.