Tuesday, August 12, 2008

AAI Supply List

tape - scotch, masking, and clear packing tape, and labels
- pencils
- envelopes - I buy them here, but it wouldn't hurt to build up a supply if someone were willing to donate
- dry erase markers - "Pentel MAXIFLO While Board Marker, MWL5M, push button bullet point" - Birhanu says this lasts longer than the regular dry erase markers and when it dries out, you just push the button and it replenishes
- yarn
- rain ponchos - full length, like the ones that were sent previously, specifically for teachers who walk to the computer lab
- crocheting needles & knitting needles
- cat flea and tick collars
- dog flea and tick collars
- cat/dog flea and tick shampoo
- real leashes (fabric ones) / dog training leashes
- bras - training bras & 32 - 36 a, b, c cups
- volley balls
- tennis balls
- whiffle balls & whiffle bats
- baseball mitts
- soccer shin guards, goalie gloves, socks
- pump hoses (not pumps) - the hose looks like a bungie cord, it connects the pump to the needle, if you don't use this, the needle breaks very easily
- american footballs
- street hockey pucks & sticks
- a parachute (we finally found the one that was here but it's ripped and unusable)

- Movies for 12 years and under DVDS or Videos specifically
High School Musical 1 & 2
The Princess Bride
Harry Potters
Chronicles of Narnia
Cinderalla Story w Hillary Duff
The Perfect Man w Hillary Duff
The Adventures of the Water Horse
Shrek 1 2 3
Hanna Montana
Jonas Brothers
Kid centered exercise videos & dvd's

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