Monday, August 18, 2008

Sister, Can You Spare a Prayer?

All you lovely ladies who have been carrying me with your prayers throughout our adoption process, I've got another favor to ask.

My sweet sister-in-Christ, Teri, has written a reflection on discernment that I want you to read. I have confessed to her (among many others) that one of my most disliked privileges as a Christian is the responsibility of discernment. Trying to find the balance between, as she says, "choosing my own ego over the Holy Spirit’s voice" is a constant struggle of mine.

Go and read the rest of her story and encourage her as she continues on her own inspiring journey to be open to building her family according to God's divine--but sometimes difficult--plan.

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Teri said...

Thanks Jane-
Like I said, your friendship has meant so much to me. I see and feel God through your hugs and your sweet comforting voice. Thanks Jane, for all of your support.