Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tony Snow's Testimony

Much has been written in the past week about the great faith of Catholic Christian Tony Snow, who served as press secretary for the current Bush Administration. If you've had the good fortune to not stare down a demon such as cancer, reading his story can be awe-inspiring, and perhaps a bit frightening even. But if you've lived long enough to have your life turned on its end by some unexpected trial, you will find yourself gently nodding your head in understanding as you read his story:

I don't know why I have cancer, and I don't much care. It is what it is, a plain and indisputable fact. Yet even while staring into a mirror darkly, great and stunning truths begin to take shape. Our maladies define a central feature of our existence: We are fallen. We are imperfect. Our bodies give out.
But despite this--or because of it--God offers the possibility of salvation and grace. We don't know how the narrative of our lives will end, but we get to choose how to use the interval between now and the moment we meet our Creator face-to-face.

Read the rest at Christianity Today here.

May God grant unto thee eternal rest, and may Our Blessed Mother comfort this family, who continues to fight the good fight to which we are all called.

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