Saturday, July 26, 2008

So Much for Choice

Why aren't those in favor of "choice" crying foul about this unbelievable proposal taking away a woman's right to choose?

Perhaps, because "choice" is an easy position to maintain when the only available option applies to your world view.

From the article:
"Now along comes a proponent of population control, Carter Dillard, to argue that the right to procreate is limited to one child because there are no explicit laws guaranteeing that right. If it is any solace, he does conclude that people do enjoy one absolute right: the right not to procreate at all."
You can read the full story over at Anne's blog.

And while you're there, stop and tell her what you'd say to the woman she encountered at the grocery store.

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darci said...

isn't it incredibly sad, and SCARY, what our society is becoming? so SELFISH, and selfasbsorbed. My God ALWAYS describes children as a blessing, a gift, a reward..I'm sticking to that. We have to rise up and change this society our kids are growing up in. "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good."