Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Catholic Carnival #179 Swimming Lessons

There's nothing that says summer to me, like early morning swim lessons. As a child, I took little joy in suiting up--mainly due to the inevitably chilly waters of New England in summer. As a parent, however, I can see the obvious purpose in this endeavor. Out of great concern for my children's health and safety, they are joining the long, wet line. I want them to learn how to swim. Without that knowledge, it makes it far too easy to find one's self out in deep water, unable to tread water, and suddenly drowning in its murky depth.

Our faith life is much the same. As children in the faith, we may not have seen the point of a regular routine of lessons instructed by the adults responsible for our souls. But looking back, as adults, we know how hard it can be to struggle out in the waters of the world if we haven't mastered all the skills taught in those early lessons.

The posts for this week's carnival are brimming with lessons to be learned. They are simply dripping with the information we need to stay afloat in our faith. So grab your suit and your towel and come on in--the water's fine!

Pre-school Splash

This class is offered for those looking for a few lighthearted reflections on matters of the faith.

Here's a thoughtful reflection, by Sarah, on how we are called by God to grow in knowledge of Him and how He works in our lives. Read Patience to Learn at Aggie Catholics.

Kate Wicker presents CNMC Part II: Blogging Humility posted at Momopoly. What could blogging have to do with humility? Read her terrific, yet incredibly humble, post to find out.

Laura's heart-warming story, Miracle Monday, is about life and death and an unexplainable event reassuring us with hope for those gone before us at Catholic Teacher Musings.

So the Year of St. Paul Has Begun
from Easter at Mostly Prayers, considers the journey we are all on, just as St. Paul was, to spread God's Word.

Driven to Distraction is Sarah's reflection, from Just Another Day of Catholic Pondering. Sometimes trying to pray can be full of distractions, but in this case those distractions brought her right back to God.

Christine, of The Simple and The Ordinary, explains The Universal Church through recollections of visits to churches both near and far.

For those who are wishing to go deeper in their faith, we also offer a fabulous scuba class. It may take you out of your comfort zone, but it will strengthen you by the time the class is finished.

Kelly presents John 4: Sanctifying grace and infant baptism posted at Visits to Candyland. If you've ever struggled to explain the Catholic teaching about faith, sanctifying grace and salvation, don't miss this post. Clear and concise, it will deepen your own knowledge, while providing the tools to help educate others.

charles ugbomeh presents God is still working posted at Charlesugbomeh. He reminds us that God has a plan for our lives, one without fears and anxieties, if only we trust Him.

Fred of Deep Furrows presents Pope Benedict XVI in America posted at Cahiers PĆ©guy: the drama of Christian humanism. This is a set of articles on Benedict XVI's visit to the United States, including an account of singing for the Pope and some analysis of the Pope's address to the United Nations.

Why not the Eucharist? is a no fluff approach to explaining the Real Presence in the Eucharist from Dave, at The Catholic Journeyman.

Christine, posts at A Catholic View, Cardinal Rigali: The Church Will Never Justify Homosexual Conduct; explaining why the Church defends this Truth.

HMS blog writer, Kevin, shares a reflection on the Mass readings for the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul in The Lord Will Rescue Me.

A Disappointment to God is a well-reflected epiphany that
our holiness is in God's hands - not ours from Julie at Adoro te Devote.

(sound of whistle blowing)
Announcement: Time for Adult Swim

Take a moment to relax and enjoy the stillness of the water. Quiet your mind and reflect on what you've learned thus far.

"Brothers and sisters, do not be children in your thinking; rather, be infants in evil, but in thinking be adults." 1 Corinthians 14: 20
(sound of whistle blowing--again)
Okay, everybody back in to the pool!

High Dive
Even if the mere thought of heights is frightening, you still may want to try this one. The dizzying thrill of a challenge of new heights will leave you breathless, but with a sense of accomplishment after the course is completed.

Jenny presents Children Choosing Religion posted at the so called me. As an atheist, self-described as a "co-journeyer" in the RCIA process, she questions where it is that faith begins. Don't miss this opportunity to share your faith story with someone who is pondering such deep things.

Brian Brown presents Silent Insight - Daily Meditation – Live in this Moment posted at Silent Insight - Daily Catholic Meditations. Here is a short, but powerful meditation. Be sure to take a moment to check it out!

Michael Snyder presents The Los Lunas Decalogue Stone - How In The World Did The Ten Commandments Get To America Before Columbus Did? posted at Shattered Paradigm. An interesting query. How did it get here?

Jean, of Catholic Fire, shares a must read for all who support the Culture of Life.
"As a sidewalk counselor and prayer warrior at Tiller's late-term abortion mill and a former resident of IL who has followed Obama's political career closely for the past several years, I give my take on the story of Tiller Abortionist's Shelley Sella's stabbing a born alive baby to death and its impact on our future if Senator Barack Obama is elected President." Read it here.

Mommy and Me
We can't offer swim lessons without providing a class for families! Here you'll find skills to help even the most veteran of families to improve their strokes.

Elena LaVictoire presents My Domestic Church: How to Have a Domestic Church Part 5 posted at My Domestic Church. How careful are you with your words around your children and family? Beautiful scriptures complete this post.

Evann, of Homeschool Goodies, offers Links of the Month-The Pauline Year, containing links to help you and your family become acquainted with St. Paul. (The page will be updated throughout the year.)

After another tragic death in our village, I wrote Of Life and Loss in a Small Town for my column this week.

Over at A Maiden's Wreath, Clare offers a reflection on the downgrading of women in today's society, and in contrast of the author G.K. Chesterton's great love and respect for them in her post Wisdom and Innocence and A Great Chivalry.

Denise, of Catholic-Mom, offers a low key religious education idea that can also build the community spirit of a parish with her post, A Community Reading Experience.

I hope you had a refreshing dip, here at this week's Catholic Carnival. It's important to keep up with our practice, it's a matter of sink-or-swim! I hope you all keep swimming!


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Wow! Can't wait to have a glass of iced tea and dive in to all of the good reads! Thanks for hosting them all. Have a lovely week! Cat ^..^

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Great job hosting! I love the theme. I also enjoyed your column. Here's to many, many more games of Chutes & Ladders.

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Tim A. Troutman said...

Nice carnival. Those interested in this one may also be interested in the Patristic Carnival I just hosted.

It deals with the early Church fathers and the early Christian history.