Sunday, July 13, 2008

And Why Not?

Because seven kids and two cats is just not as good as seven kids and THREE cats, we've decided to increase the maximum occupancy on the Ark.

Did I mention that little Naomi's Christmas kitten has been missing for nearly 2 months?

Did I mention how forlorn her four-year-old face looks?

Or that it was her birthday this past week?

I didn't?

Then there really is no other explanation for this, except that we're insane. (But you already knew that.)

I'm taking bets. Who thinks the first new arrival home will be of the feline persuasion?


Laura said...

Happy Belated Birthday to sweet Naomi!!! Cute photos :)

Lisa@UnexpectedJourney said...

She is just too cute, even when her little face is forlorn. Happy Birthday to her!

Thomas said...

Too funny. Yesterday my boys spent a lot of time in their room. Too much time... they had a cat in there! I'm not sure what their long term plan for the little guy was, but he had to go, he violated our lease.

Children just love animals, don't they!