Thursday, October 11, 2007


This was forwarded on to me from my MIL from a close friend of the family who has been involved in pro-life activities in the Fox Valley area for decades. Please remember this family and their baby soon to be born in your prayers:

I need to share a prayer request and a blessing with you. As I was out at Pl*nned P*renthood praying today, a quiet Mexican couple came and stood alone opposite the building where there was a huge celebration going on inside. Many big shots from PP, as well as Steven Trombley, the CEO and all the personnel were having a huge party. There was even valet parking. I mean it was a huge celebration for them!
Anyway, this couple (who we later found out were George and Guadeloupe - who is 9 months pregnant) came and knelt on the pavement and prayed quietly and both cried for what will be going on inside the Abortion Fortress beginning tomorrow morning. I have never seen such a somber witness to Jesus' love before. All of us who were there to stand for life and pray for the babies and their mommies and the workers, felt privileged to witness this precious sight. Guadeloupe knelt on the hard pavement in the bitter cold wind with only a light sweater (until one of the workers went to her car and found a small blanket to drape over her, and something for her to kneel on). Nine month pregnant Guadeloupe and her husband George knelt and prayed and cried for an hour. We prayed for them and their precious baby.Then they quietly rose and left and said they will be back. We embraced and thanked them for their sacrifice of time and comfort to come and be that witness that the PP workers would not - no could not-look at. They all turned their backs on Guadeloupe because they could not bear to look upon the glory of God that was around that couple.
Please pray for this precious couple and their baby who is soon to be born. I personally cannot wait to go out and see what God will do next.
Please consider signing up to pray for one hour at the clinic this Friday. God truly meets us there.


scmom said...

What a beautiful thing to witness!

Becky said...

Yesterday as I was leaving the post office I noticed a group of people praying outside of the PP clinic. I stopped to tell them thank you and that I pray with them. They were sort of shocked. It makes me sad. I think in my very pro-choice state I was a rare occurance. Thanks to all of you who take time to pray outside of the PP clinics. It makes a difference.