Monday, October 29, 2007

Dance Practice

With Halloween only two days away, it's crunch time for costume design. We're really in pretty good shape considering past Halloweens.

I won't even mention the year a certain child, who insisted he wanted to be a football player until 10:07 am on October 31st; which led to a last minute run to the mall for a dinosaur costume (size small) on clearance for $4.99. Lucky for him, he was our only child at the time.

I also won't mention the year another child, who needed a specific princess costume (lovingly provided by Grandma and Grandpa for the lone granddaughter of the day), refused to set one single sparkly pink slipper out the front door on Halloween night.

This year, everyone has a costume. Everyone *appears* to be on board with going out for trick-or-treating. And, with six kids to disguise, any last minute costume changes will involve a sheet, scissors and a diagram of Charlie Brown's first costume. There's only one last detail. It involves The Boy, moon boots, a curly wig, wire-rimmed reading glasses and the learning of this dance:

Any interesting Halloween costumes out there?


5KidMom said...

If The Boy does even a smidge of that dance, you simply MUST provide video. Too funny!!

Becky said...

What a great costume! I think my hubby should copy that costume! We are having a Tigger, Star Wars storm trooper and a Darth Vader. I'm longing for a princess;)

Barb, sfo said...

Big Brother is "Dr. Pepper." He's wearing Dr. Pepper pajama pants, maroon scrub top, and a stethoscope.

Middle Sister is "Willy Wonka" but with her own fashionable twist.

Little Brother is a dinosaur/dragon (open to interpretation)--that was a freebie from a neighbor and what a fabulous costume it is too!

patjrsmom said...

Blaine, I'll let you know if he lets me "catch" him on video...

Becky, I don't know your husband but from your stories and pictures of your "boys" I could just see him in this costume.

Barb, I LOVE the Dr. Pepper costume, how clever! And the now 9 year old dinosaur costume of yester-Halloween doubles as a dragon around here, too!


Life in Fitzville said...

Definitely get a video of that!

Becky said...

Last year my hubby wore a platinum blonde "rocker" wig to work and practically gave his patient (he's an ICU RN) a heart attack. The poor gal didn't know it was Halloween!

Faith said...

OMG - too funny! I wish we had had the boy practicing this over the weekend - we would have burned off all the calories from that junk food just from laughter. Now I understand the meaning behind the cury brown wig.

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