Thursday, October 11, 2007

Trick or Treat and UNICEF

Do you remember those little boxes given out around Halloween time to raise money for UNICEF? I don't even know if they still use them. I haven't seen a single one of my children bring one home from school in over 8 years of schooling.

I know you're asking yourself where is she going with this UNICEF thing...well, here it is-

Author Donna-Marie Cooper-O'Boyle has a link to an informative article about UNICEF sponsoring an initiative supporting legal abortion in the developing world.

As mother to a child, whose birth mother was in poor health, I can only imagine that her condition would have been cause for UNICEF to offer her a "safe abortion" option. My heart breaks when I think about the heroic choice she made to give life to her son, while her own life slipped away; giving me the privilege and responsibility of parenting him in this life while she waits for him in the next.

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Life in Fitzville said...

Thanks for sharing this. My kids still bring home unicef boxes. We have not ever used them, and I am glad now.

When they have come home, I have talked with the kids about giving, and how it is always a good thing. But we choose to give elsewhere, like the foundation that supports Pipo's village.

What a sad sad thought.