Tuesday, October 02, 2007

ABCs and 123s

We have a little game we play in our house, which my parent's played with my siblings and I, to help survive bath time hair washes with minimal drama. Once their hair is wet, we are able to really lather up their little heads by playing "Guess what letter I've made?" Last night CB decided to help.

CB: Can I try one? (proceeding to etch what appears to be a lower case 'a' on her sister's soapy head)

N: Is it a 'c'?

CB: No.

N: Is it an 'o'?

CB: No. Come on...you know this one.

N: Oh wait, now I know what it is(sitting up proudly)---ELEPHANT!

Unreserved, both CB and I began to laugh, until CB stopped and looked at N very seriously and said, "Not an elephant, silly, remember-these are NUMBERS!"

Perhaps it's time for a unit review.



I'll have to try that game! I get the kids to draw letters on my back. It's kind of like a back scratch!

patjrsmom said...

I think that the back scratch idea sounds great, too!