Monday, October 29, 2007

Perfect Gift

On this day, last year, I was on pins and needles for news about our Embassy date and travel plans to Ethiopia to add two new blessings to our family. There wasn't a better gift out there and God knew it. (Not even at Talbots!) This year, I waited again for news. But the waiting was different.

Today, the one who gave me my first birthday gift-the gift of life, received news that all her biopsy testing had come back normal! Thank you, God for another year and another perfect gift.


Faith said...

Hey Jane - that is *perfect* news. Thank God. Please give your Mom my congratulations!

Anonymous said...

What a WONDERFUL birthday present!
Have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Life in Fitzville said...

That is great news! My mom is a cancer survivor, and I know first hand the agony of waiting for those test results.

scmom (Barbara) said...

That's great! What a blessing.