Monday, October 22, 2007

Do you have any plans?

Ever the inveterate planner, I was trumped by my four year old the other day in the car.

It could have been the fact that it was 7:30 AM and there were six wide awake children in the car I was auto-piloting to school, or it could be that I have given birth to someone who has already "out-planned" me.

CB had been sitting in the back talking with N about playing dentist after the big kids were all at school. (While she has a healthy, okay-perhaps slightly unhealthy, fear of dentists and doctors; she LOVES to pretend to be those very same things.) Overhearing her, The Boy decided to get into the conversation and perhaps antagonize the pre-schooler a little bit.

The Boy (to CB): Hey, CB, are you going to play dentist later?

CB: Yes.

The Boy: Maybe you'll even BE a dentist when you grow up?

CB: No!

The Boy: No?! Well, why not?

CB: Because, she announced decisively, I have other plans!


Faith said...

love that CB. Did anyone press her on what those plans might be? I can't wait to hear. I am guess she'll have her own show on the Food Network?

patjrsmom said...

Hi Faith,

She probably will and she'll have you on as her first guest! She's already planning her "cooking with Auntie Faith" show for Friday!


Therese said...

lol. I could imagine miss Amelia (my 6 year old) saying something like that.