Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Wash for Life

The Word Among Us, a monthly publication containing daily scripture meditations and articles pertinent to various aspects of faith life contained an article that caught my eye this month.

One of the testimonials that was given contained this quote:
“My favorite story from last year was one I heard about a youth group where the kids were initially happy to be part of the car wash, but not as comfortable talking about the pro-life cause. They didn’t really know what to say. Well, by the end of the day, they were passing out brochures from a pregnancy care center and talking to people about it. It’s this kind of active role that will have a lasting impact on them. That’s what we really hope Wash for Life can do for youth.”

As parents trying to make our faith come alive for our children, opportunities like this just make me smile all over. Having taught for almost a decade, and parenting for even longer, it is quite evident that nothing makes a better impression on a child than putting your figurative money where your mouth is. That is, get up and act. Preaching the gospel to my children is much more effective if I use absolutely no words at all, and here is a great opportunity to do so.

Think about it, pray about it, and pass the info along to someone you know who might work with a group of young people who could join in this worthy wash day this fall. Maybe you (yes, you!) have been looking for a pro-life event that your children could share with you; or maybe you might be willing to lead a group yourself? In any case, pray for the people who will come out that day, that many hearts and lives will be touched and the message of the Gospel of Life will be shared for the love of God and the sake of the unborn.

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