Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Champions of Faith: Baseball Edition

What do you think of when you think of professional athletes? Do you think of their outrageously wholesome lifestyles? How about their upstanding moral character? Or do you sometimes just think about their life and how it reflects their faith as Christians?

Yeah, me neither.

Well, whatever you were thinking-be prepared to think again.

In a little over an hour, my 12 year old son, my husband and myself (armed with pen and paper to write this review) settled in on our family room couch to watch the new DVD Champions of Faith: Baseball Edition.

Before you read anymore about what I thought of the DVD, go and watch the trailer for yourself. When you're finished, stop back here and I'll tell you how you can save 10% when you order.

If the top-notch sports footage and uptempo music of Grammy Award winning group, Third Day, haven't yet convinced you, let me give it a try. In a time when the stories making sports headlines both on and off the field are filled with less-than-exemplary behaviors, to see these big name ball players witnessing their faith in the Lord is a breath of fresh air. And what's equally impressive (particularly to those who follow baseball on a much more regular basis than I) is that the twenty-plus superstars who participated in this project are just that-even by secular standards. Although some of the featured players have traded uniforms since the making of this film, their message hasn't changed. Their names and faces will be familiar, as will many of the highlights that are shown. What I suspect will be less familiar are the personal stories of faith shared by the men.

Of the seven players, who are highlighted throughout the program, my favorite one has to be coach Rich Donnelly's "Chicken Runs at Midnight" story. If for no other reason, bring home this DVD to hear Coach Donnelly retell a bittersweet memory and how the overlap of his faith, his family and baseball came together one memorable night.

From start to finish, Champions of Faith-Baseball Edition lives up to its aspiration to be a "groundbreaking tool of evangelization." Included with the DVD is a Companion Guide containing a brief synapsis of each segment, quotes from players, reflection questions and relevent scripture passages; which provide an excellent springboard for further discussion at home or in a group setting.

Tom Allen, who worked with Mel Gibson on his "Passion of the Christ" mega-success has but one prayer for the project, "that every Christian in America gets the opportunity to see this film, own this film and share it with others."

Perhaps a child you know plays baseball or an adult you know follows the baseball season. Or maybe someone you know could use a sports-infused shot in the arm of faith. You can order a copy here or by clicking on the banner in my sidebar (and use the code COFSAVE10 to save an extra 10%!!!).

Here's our chance to batter-up and hit one 'out of the park' for Christ and help to bring the rest of the team safely home!

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This looks interesting. I bet my husband would really enjoy it too.