Saturday, June 09, 2007

8 Random Things

Praying for Grace, who also maintains an awesome kitchen blog, tagged me for this little meme. I'll try to attempt to select from the multitude of random things about myself and narrow it down to only 8. Here goes:

1. I'm the oldest of three children. My brother, 33, who is finally (did I just type that out loud?) getting married this summer and my *baby* sister, 24, who is a public school teacher in NYC. We grew up with our mom and dad in a small town in Connecticut famous for the creator of Scrabble, an old Breyer's Ice Cream commercial, dollar movies at the town hall and infamous for the "Woodchipper Murder" of an airline stewardess.

2. *Home* went and retired to northern New Hampshire a few years ago, but my mom still has her cell phone with Connecticut telephone number. For the first six months they were up north, in protest, I would only call the CT number. Can anyone say "attachment issues"? Sheesh.

3. As a little girl, I played school all.the.time. (I also frequently dressed my brother up as a girl, but we won't talk about that-ahem.) I decided in middle school that I wanted to be a lawyer and kept thinking that I would until my senior year in high school. The school offered a study hall in place of a religion class to any senior who was teaching Religious Ed. Desperately seeking a last period study hall, I quickly signed up and, much to my horror, found that I really did LOVE teaching. It's funny what God will use to bring you in line with His plans.

4. In college, I double-majored in Elementary Education and Psychology and spent my first year teaching a Pre-K at the cathedral school in our diocese. I then joined the long, chalked line of educators in what my brother (the hold-out) refers to as the "family curse".

5. I have children born on three different continents: Africa, Europe and North America. We have welcomed a child at every home we have bought, which causes people to flinch now if we even suggest we're moving...

6. I love to cook Mexican and Italian food, bake cookies, go to the beach (especially the Cape and Outer Banks), stamp anything and read/watch "cozy" mysteries.
I do NOT love to wash dishes, go camping, fly on airplanes, eat fish, or watch the nightly news (unless you consider the Weather Channel at night-"news").

7. I had no dental work up until I had children. For every child I have given birth to, I've either lost a tooth or gained a filling.

8. I lead the Women's Bible Study at our church. We just finished the second book in the Courageous Series by Stacy Mitch. Together with my husband, we coordinate the Couples' Bible Study at our church, using the book Family Matters. Doing this has prompted us to prayerfully consider the possibility of writing our own family-oriented bible study, presented in light of the fullness of the faith. We'll see what happens, I guess...

So, there you have it, 8 terribly unimportant, extremely random things about me. I'm going to tag fellow-bloggers: Faith, Cathy, Paige, Julie, Becky, Kirsten, Kelli (if your computer is up and running!)the Elm City Mom, and Denise to play. I know some of you others out there have played before, so I tag you all as well.

Just leave a note in the comment section to let us know where to find your post if you play!



Good thing you tagged me! I was thinking to myself. How can I possibly write a post on my blog after taking a break for so long. Here's my excuse. Also we found out we had to reset our router. that was why my computer was down. What a dummy I am sometimes. Hopefully I will get to my tag soon :o)

Becky said...

That was so fun! You can find me at

patjrsmom said...

Hooray! I can't wait to read these...Anybody else playing?

Life in Fitzville said...

Oh man... I just found this! And I am so new to blogdom, I'm not sure I could tag 8 more people... is that okay?

I will go post at

patjrsmom said...

That is totally fine. I don't even know if you're supposed to "tag" any number of people in particular anyway...Can't wait to read your 8 things!


Life in Fitzville said...

And I knew you were from "Back East" but cool to know you are a fellow New Englander! Another "Yankee Catholic transracial big family" woohoo!

Julie Cooper said...

OK, Jane, I've completed the meme. Thanks for tagging me. Here is my blog: or just click on my picture. (Well, if I was a cartoon character I would want to look like her.) Julie