Sunday, January 04, 2009

Home Another Way

We're getting ready to celebrate Epiphany on the Ark tonight. Big hands will hurry to be the first to light the incense and to bless the first room in the house. Little hands will fumble with the hefty chalk pieces as they inscribe the blessing on the slate tile which hangs near the entry way of our home. And we will start the year anew together.

Sitting in the cry room with a quiet Baby Girl this morning, I listened to our beloved pastor preach on the wise men, the three kings, the magi who were sent to do King Herod's bidding. But amazingly enough, in a dream, they were warned of Herod's scheme (shouldn't we all be so lucky?!?) and made their way home another way.

I couldn't help but hum this James Taylor song as I listened to the rest of his sermon. This isn't a story told once, long ago, about three really intelligent, wealthy old men. No sir. It's a yearly reminder to us all of the very real, very present, constant struggle between good and evil. And it's a sign of the power wrought by the Incarnation. If there's one thing I'd like for my children to know, to really understand, and to always remember, it's to follow that "lucky star." There are no shortage of Herods out there, waiting to take "take a mile" if we give an inch. Don't be afraid, I'll assure them, to stand up to your Herods and go home another way. It's as simple as following the Star.

Safe home, friends. Safe home.


coffeemom said...

Ah, so true and very nice. Thank you! M

Paige said...

Very nice song and video. I had never heard it and really enjoyed it. Thanks Jane and Happy New Year!