Thursday, January 08, 2009

Checking In and Checking Off

With some of the recent hubbub around here, our "to-do" list was growing ever so long. But, finally, things are beginning to be checked off!

One of the most crucial was checked off just the other day when we placed an order for this, adding not one, not two, but THREE more seats to my Suburban!

Now, we can all fit comfortably as a family in one vehicle. And (as an added bonus) we have two new empty seats to fill! ;-)


6KidMom said...

That is Brilliant!!!!!!

I am definitely showing this to Will tonight. We are SOOO cramped with every seat filled in our Suburban, and kids just getting bigger. I think I just figured out where some of the tax refund is going. Yippee!

Becky said...

Get working on you dossier;0

darci said...

oh great idea. we love our 'new to us' suburban..i love that there are two more seats to fill, heehee..keep us posted.