Sunday, January 25, 2009

Are You Celebrating?

In betwixt and between doctor visits this week, we are planning quite a celebration (an even bigger one if Baby Girl continues to feel better...and we have some answers!)

This week, in our little homeschool (and at The Boy's parish day school) we are celebrating Catholic Schools Week.

We've arranged for quite an agenda, mimicking the typical Catholic day school's week of events.

Monday is Student Appreciation Day.

We've declared it Pajama Day (everyone--including Mom--will be learning in cozy pajamas and fuzzy slippers!) We'll also do our shared reading/buddy reading time alongside a special Breakfast Buffet prepared (and yes, opening the box = preparing) by Mom.

Tuesday is Teacher Switch Day.

Our students are turning the tables on us today and the teachers will become the students! Hannah and Beulah along with two other good homeschooling buddies will each be presenting a brief lesson to the "class". Rumor has it that we'll be making windsocks and playing UNO in Spanish. So much fun when you get to decide what to learn!

Wednesday is Service Appreciation Day.

Wednesday is our lightest day of school all week. Most of our extracurricular activities are scheduled this day as is our parish's all school Mass. Hopefully, Baby Girl will be feeling up to the morning Mass and we'll be joining a surprise guest for a special treat afterwards. We'll also be dedicating a particular portion of our afternoon to brush up on the Works of Mercy and decide how we'll be putting them into action this coming Lent (which now officially begins in a month!).

Thursday is Teacher Appreciation Day.

We have a special just-for-fun outing planning late morning this day with another homeschool family. We'll also be thanking all of those teachers who go above and beyond to inspire us, to teach us and to nurture our growing souls. (N. B.--If you live on the Ark and are reading this message, this would be the appropriate day to, you know, appreciate a certain teacher who shall remain nameless, but who would be oh so blessed by your thoughtfulness. Ahem.)

Friday is School Spirit Day.

We thought about calling a snow day--just for the fun of it--but decided it would be more fun to throw a SnowFest Day! Look for more to come about this exciting day we have planned!

Hope you have a wonderful week!


Dawn said...

Yes, we "skated into" Catholic Schools Week tonight! Prek - 4th ice skating. The other grades will "Skate Out" the week on Friday. Tomorrow is School Spirit Day.

Jane (a.k.a. patjrsmom) said...

Cute idea, Dawn! I'll need to remember that one for the future.

God Bless,

Nuts in a Tree said...

Hi Jane and Family! We are/were celebrating Catholic Schools Week at our school this week, but God had other plans. We have been hit by snow and later today ice is expected, so instead we are looking at two (glorious, yes as a teacher I *love*) snow days here in SE Indiana. The boys were actually a bit disappointed to not be going to school, as our school always walks to the bowling alley one day for CSW...but I think they have gotten over it after sledding, etc. Have a great CSW!

Rhonda :)