Sunday, January 25, 2009

And Now For Something Completely Unimportant

I've been trying to streamline my blog habit. Initially, Google Reader was my hero. I could put all of the blogs I like to follow in one place and read new posts all together.

Super efficient, right?

Then, Blogger introduced the "Followers" widget. Genius, I could simply click and add blogs I read instantly from said site without the *inconvenience* of needing to be in Google Reader.

And, through the beautiful marriage of Google and Blogger, I had the added bonus of being able to import all of these blogs into my Google Reader.

But, I'm wanting more.

One of the best things about blogging, in my opinion, is the opportunity to connect with other bloggers. So, if you are visiting here on the Ark, and you have a blog of your own (even if you just started it yesterday), let me know you're here by "following" this blog and then I can click on over and "follow" yours.

Now that would make me smile.


Life in Fitzville said...

I am so blog-ignorant. I read you, but I'm not sure how to 'follow' you.

Dawn said...

I am officially following you now (you were already on my Google Reader). My blog is in case you can't get to it via my name.